It is very quick and easy for non-admin users to get started with setup. Please follow along


  1. is already installed on Teams workspace by your organization administrator.
  2. You have access to your Microsoft Teams account
  3. You have credentials for your Hubspot account

Step by Step

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams and search for in contacts like you do when you send a message to another person. This should look like below:

  2.  Open your browser and type . This will show a login page. Type your email as shown below:

  3. Click next and provide your name, and pick a password as shown below

  4. This will login to your dashboard as shown below

  5. Select Salesforce from the list as shown below and click login to salesforce button.

  6. This will open the Hubspot login page. Provide your credentials as shown below and click login:

  7. Pick your HubSpot account
  8. Click allow access as shown below:

  9. This will close the new window and bring you back to your dashboard. And you are all set.

  10. That's all. Go back to Microsoft teams and type a command like contact and hit enter. If all goes well you should see the results like below: