Teams Conversation LinkOne of the best features of is the ability to collaborate about tickets, opportunities, accounts etc. Service reps often need to get back to this conversation. With a very simple setup as described below, it is possible to save the link to the conversation in FreshDesk. This makes it easy to refer to the ticket conversation. 


  1. It requires an enterprise license of to enable this feature
  2. Freshdesk plan should have the ability to add custom fields to "Tickets"
  3. Admin role is required to be able to add custom fields. 


  1.  Add a custom field to FreshDesk as below 
    1.  Go to Freshdesk settings (icon in the bottom left)
    2. In the General Settings, click on "Ticket Fields"
    3. Drop a "Single line Text field" from the left side to the right
    4. Uncheck "Display to customer" option. Make sure to type "Label for agents" and "Label for customers" field as "Teams Conversation Link"  (without quotes) as shown below. This is very important to match.
    5. Click "Save Field"
    6. Optionally, you can drag this field and position it wherever you like. 
  2.  Once the custom field is created as above reach out to and we will enable the integration for your enterprise.