FlashCX.ai is a very simple and easy to use product that works over Slack and Microsoft Teams. Below user guide is for Slack.


  1. Go to https://flashcx.ai
  2. Click "Add to Slack" button
  3. This will take you to the login process and ask to pick a channel to install. 
  4. Finally, it will redirect you to the admin home page. Please follow the below screenshots:

Connecting with CRM

Before you can use FlashCX.ai with slack you will need to configure your CRM connection. To do this login to the app at https://admin.flashcx.ai    

You should see a configure screen as below. Provide credentials and click validate. If the connection is valid then click save. See the screenshot below

If everything goes well then going back to slack and firing commands like /contact or /account-cx should show results like below: