• Must be an enterprise user with admin access


Enterprise admins can configure CRM account related aspects for Few key configurations supported are:

  1. Search Behavior: By default, uses a wildcard search to match the extracted account from the business card to the CRM account. This can be changed to exact match more a more precise association.
  2. Create Behavior: By default, will create an account if no matching account found in the CRM. This can be changed to avoid automatic account creation.
  3. If account create is turned on then it is possible to copy address of the contact scanned as the account address as well. This happens only when account is created along with the contact. By default this is turned off. 


For both the above options, the steps are same as below

1. Login to ScanBuddy at

2. Go to CRM Config 

3. Here you will see options to update all the options. Simply change and hit save.