• CRM setup is established

Process can automatically associate a contact to an existing account in the CRM. However, there are situations when more than account matches. In that case, does not do the account association and syncing is marked as failed indicating the same. At this point user can manually edit the contact in the app and manually associate an account. Below are the detailed steps:

1. Go to settings and tap on the pencil icon on failed entry

2. This opens "Edit Contact" page. Click on the search icon in the company field.

3. This opens the "Account Search" page. Search for an account by typing into the search field.

4. Associate the desired account by clicking on the select button next to the account name.

5. Click save. 

6. This will close the "Search Account" page and bring back to "Edit Contact" page with company name field filled with the selected account.

7. Click save.

This will schedule a sync to the CRM and will eventually sync.